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Island Newsletters creates FREE high-quality, professional full-color digital publications on a monthly basis for your community. 
Our newsletter is an easy and cost-effective solution to keeping your residents informed and engaged on a regular basis.
Every newsletter features:
  • Magazine quality with flip page technology
  • Space for your community's monthly news, articles and events
  • Digital access and archiving for future reading
  • Local business advertisements that allow the publication to remain free for your community  and provide residents with valuable discounts available only to your HOA
Every month, our newsletter will be emailed to all residents to alert them of the availability to read and access the file.  Let us take the time and effort out of the equation, by providing a simple and easy method for you to share community news, while having additional reading content that appeals to your residents. 
Our newsletters also feature unique articles and content written to capture the interest of your residents

Take a look inside our publications...
You provide the content on a monthly basis.  We prepare the newsletter for your community.
After the Board or point of contact approves the newsletter, we e-mail a link to all residents to view it online.
When the next month's newsletter is created, we archive previous editions on the HOA website for future access.
Popular newsletter content includes:
  • Monthly Events Calendar
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • President's Message
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Well Wishes & Resident News
  • Photos from recent events
  • Recipes, Trivia & Travel Tips
Local Business?  Why advertise with us?  It's a great way to gain new patrons with inexpensive advertising.  
  • ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY - Island Newsletters actively participates in many events throughout the year to reach residents in our communities.
  • NEWSLETTERS HAVE STAYING POWER - Our readers save the issue and refer to it again and again. Each previous issue is readily available on HOA website.
  • RECOGNITION - This is the best way to create brand recognition for your business or product!
  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD - Island Newsletters has been producing newsletters for over a decade to communities and homeowners associations like yours.
  • WE ARE CREDIBLE - We are a credible source of information for your community. Our readers trust and believe newsletter advertising.
Businesses are invited to advertise with us and support our communities.  Our rate sheet is included, it will provide you with the information needed to make your advertising decision.   LOCAL.. UPSCALE.. TARGETED..
We look forward to producing your community's newsletter!
Newsletter Sample
Island Newsletters will produce a free, full-color digital newsletter for your community, and e-mail it to all residents each month!
A sample of our newsletter is attached below.  The file will open in a new window, at full-screen size and can be read on any type of device.  Sensitive information has been removed for privacy.
Website Demo
Our website software provides each community with an individual, customized portal where visitors can receive information, event details, submit work orders online and more, depending on their login permissions assigned.
We invite you to preview the functionality of our website software via a (free) live demo, so we can answer any questions and provide you with a personalized portal that is managed and updated regularly, to keep users coming back often for more news and updates.
View the additional features of our software with the username and password on our Demo page.
Advertising Rate Sheet
Local small-businesses are invited to advertise with us and support our communities.  Our rate sheet is attached below, which will provide you with the information needed to reach more customers. 
Where else can you receive 100% readership? 
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Features & Uses
Secure Content & Access Controls
The content in this section is password protected, the same as we would for your community. 
We have provided you a username & password to use on the Demo Page.
For Board Members & Management
Additional modules are available that allow Board members to communicate privately, internally and with management, without endless e-mails and lost messages.  We have provided a username and password so you can check out our website's features, on the Demo page.
For Residents & Visitors
Our websites feature modules that allow residents and management to interact.  We welcome you to try these features out, and have provided a username and password on the Demo page.
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Ready to bring the FREE newsletter and website to your community?  If you would like to invite us to your next board meeting, or to get started, please send us a message via our website and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.
We look forward to serving your community!